The Internship programs at BibliASPA focus on establishing a double-way relation between the institution and the intern.

Universities and research centers in general, of Brazil and other countries, send interns to develop projects at BibliASPA.

The Institution values the intern as an effective member of the team, hoping for the development of its potentials.

It is an excellent opportunity to develop an internship in a place with a good infrastructure, pleasant area and a network full of researchers, teachers, students and artists.

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at BibliAspa.

“BibliASPA is a magical place where I’ve learned a lot.”

Youssef Najibi, 20, Moroccan student.

“The experience was great! I hope you enjoy BibliASPA and become a Volunteer.”

Andrea, 20, North-American student.

“I Have to say that it overcame any expectations I had about what it means to do an internship.”

Jacobo, 28, Spanish student.